New Conference on Computational Modeling in Linguistics

We are planning a new conference on computational modeling in linguistics for Fall 2017 and would love to get input from phonologists and other linguists about how we can best realize our goals for this conference and make it as accessible and useful to linguists as possible.

Please follow the link to our lab blog for full details and discussion, but to summarize, this conference is intended for linguists and cognitive scientists using computational and mathematical approaches to study the human language faculty.  We’re particularly interested in input from linguists on the following key aspects of the current plans:

  • The short-term and long-term co-location/venue possibilities
  • The name and ideal scope/audience for the conference
  • The tentative plan to have short paper (6-8pp) submissions (rather than abstract submissions). Please go to this post for discussion and comments on this aspect of the current plans.

We’ve had quite a bit of discussion on our blog already, primarily from potential participants of this conference who also regularly attend workshops and/or conferences affiliated with the ACL. This discussion has been very useful, but the conference would ideally be accessible and appealing to a broader community of linguists than is currently represented in the discussion. So we are looking for additional input from linguists who are potentially interested in this new conference, but who do not generally attend ACL – we’d be very grateful to hear about the kinds of considerations that could increase or decrease the chances phonologists and other linguists would attend and/or submit their best work to this conference.

Please visit our lab blog to read the details and to leave your comments!

Many thanks!
Gaja Jarosz