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Gjersoe 2016: Cyclic Optimization of Floating L Tones in Kikuyu

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ROA: 1284
Title: Cyclic Optimization of Floating L Tones in Kikuyu
Authors: Siri Gjersoe
Length: 10
Abstract: This study discusses the cyclic derivation of downstep in Kikuyu (Bantu, E51). Kikuyu attests floating L tones of lexical and phrasal nature which are domain-sensitive. Their proposed domain is the p(honological)-phrase and downstep appears preferably at the right edge of a p-phrase. Interestingly, the positioning of downstep is also determined by surrounding tones as the sequence H!L is banned. The puzzling part is that the phrasal floating L tone moves away from its underlying position towards its preferred realization site of a p-phrase edge and this happens even in contexts where the floating L tone can not be realized in this position due to markedness reasons. It can therefore end up triggering downstep in a p-phrase medial position which deviates from its underlying position. This pattern poses a serious challenge to parallel Optimality Theory and argues for a serial derivation. The proposal here is a Stratal OT analysis with two strata above the word level.
Type: Paper/tech report
Keywords: Syntax-phonology interface, Tone, Downstep, Stratal OT, High Tone Spreading



Van Oostendorp (2016) – Extending categorial grammar to autosegmental phonology

Extending categorial grammar to autosegmental phonology
Marc Van Oostendorp
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July 2016 What would be the implications of applying categorial grammar technology to phonological structure? We show how expressing phonological insights requires a few extensions into the formalism in order to be able to deal with autosegmentalism, with feature repulsion and with the interface with syntax (and possibly with semantics). It is argued that both our understanding of categorial grammar and phonology can profit from the confrontation.

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Reference: lingbuzz/003062
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keywords: categorial grammar, phonology, autosegmentalism, formalism, representations, phonology