Getting a Gravatar

From Joe Pater

These instructions are the from the UMass Instructional Media Lab for getting an Avatar for WordPress sites. I’m putting them up here in case anyone would rather not be using the default avatar when posting comments here.

Blogs, which uses WordPress, refers to Gravatar for avatars.
To add an avatar for your site, you’ll need to create a Gravatar account under the same email address you use for your Blogs account.
This email address is generally your UMass email address, but you can check this by:
1. Logging into your UMass Blog
2. Clicking “Howdy, X” (top right)
3. Clicking “Edit my Profile”
4. Scrolling down to Contact Info, then “E-mail”.
Use this e-mail address when you create your Gravatar account. You can sign up for a Gravatar account (which creates a WordPress account as well) at
(Please excuse the long link)
Once you create an account, you’ll be directed to return to Gravatar and upload an avatar. UMass Blogs will then pull that avatar from Gravatar and it will be displayed in the top right of a page when you’re logged in as well as with any comments you make from that account.