Al-Oshari and Al-Shar’abi (2016): Wh-Movement in Taizi Arabic: An Optimality Theory Account

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ROA: 1276
Title: Wh-Movement in Taizi Arabic: An Optimality Theory Account
Authors: Waleed Al-Oshari, Tawfeek Al-Shar’abi
Length: 10
Abstract: This paper investigates the syntax of wh-movement in Taizi Arabic (TA) within the Optimality theory framework. The scope of this study is limited to examine only simple and multiple questions. Results Show that TA strictly adheres to the Q-marking constraint in the formation of its simple and multiple questions. Findings also show that, like Standard Arabic (SA) Q-scope is dominated by both Q-marking and Stay constraints forcing wh-elements to move to the initial position of simple and multiple questions. Optionality in wh-movement is not observed in TA as it is the case in other dialects of Arabic like Cairene Arabic (CA). Furthermore, the study supports Oshari (2010) and El-touny (2011) proposals that optionality in CA and in some other dialects of Arabic is due to the interaction between the syntax and prosodic constraints, that is, the focalization and topicalization constraints.
Type: Paper/tech report
Keywords: Wh-movement, Arabic, OT