Call for papers: Higher order structure in speech variability

Call for papers

LabPhon 15 Satellite Workshop: “Higher order structure in speech variability”

Abstract deadline: 30 April 2016

Notification: 15 May 2016

Workshop: 17 July 2016, 9am – 12pm

We’re pleased to announce a satellite workshop following LabPhon15 at Cornell University in Ithaca NY on the topic of “Higher order structure in speech variability”. 

Workshop Website:

A fundamental challenge for the theory of speech perception is to explain how listeners successfully map signals that vary extensively across talkers to a common set of sounds and words. Discovery of higher-order structure in phonetic and phonological variation — patterns of variation that transcend individual phonetic or phonological units, and that can be encoded by a relatively small number of talker-specific parameters — could provide the key for understanding the robustness of speech perception and patterns of generalization observed in talker adaptation.

We invite submissions on higher-order structure in phonetic / phonological variation across talkers or on the relation between structured talker variation and speech perception. Students are especially encouraged to submit. We hope to have a mix of oral and poster presentations and plenty of time for discussion. 

Submissions for talk or poster presentations, in pdf format and no longer than two pages, should be sent by April 30th directly to one of the co-organizers: Meghan ( or Colin (