Tessier 2015: Phonological Acquisition: Child Language and Constraint-Based Grammar

Tessier, Anne-Michelle. 2015. Phonological Acquisition: Child Language and Constraint-Based GrammarBasingstoke, UK.

How do children learn to produce speech? What kinds of errors do they make along the way? What can those errors teach us about phonological theory?

In this comprehensive introduction, Anne-Michelle Tessier examines how we acquire the sounds and sound patterns of language. Analyzing child speech patterns and their analogues among adult languages while also teaching the basics of Optimality Theory, this novel textbook will help students develop a broad grammatical understanding of phonological acquisition.

Assuming only a basic knowledge of phonology, this textbook is aimed at students of linguistics, developmental psychology, speech pathology and communication disorders. It will also be of interest to professional psychologists, acquisition researchers, clinicians, and anyone concerned with child speech development.
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