I teach courses in phonology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and supervise research by undergraduate and graduate students on phonology, phonological acquisition, experimental phonology, and computational phonology.

Here are some course and seminar blogs (note 2022 – this needs updating – please e-mail me if you’d like to see a recent course):

Ling 606: Second semester graduate phonology
Ling 370: Sounds of Englishes, Fall 2013
Ling 603: First semester graduate phonology
Linguistics 754, Spring 2012. Computational modeling of language change (with Michael Becker and Alice Harris)
Ling 730: Phonological learning, Fall 2013 (co-taught with Lisa Sanders of Cognitive Psychology)
Ling 730, Fall 2011. Seminar on morphophonology
LSA Course on Harmonic Grammar, Summer 2011.
Ling 751, Spring 2010. Graduate seminar on phonological theory, experimentation and computation.