PhDs supervised
2016 Aleksei Nazarov (co-supervised with Gaja Jarosz) Extending Hidden Structure: Features, Opacity, and Exceptions
2015 Claire Moore-Cantwell (co-supervised with Lyn Frazier) The Representation Of Probabilistic Phonological Patterns: Neurological, Behavioral, And Computational Evidence From The English Stress System.
2105 Presley Pizzo Investigating Properties Of Phonotactic Knowledge Through Web-Based Experimentation
2015 Brian Smith. Phonologically-conditioned allomorphy with UR constraints.
2014 Robert StaubsComputational modeling of learning biases in stress typology.
2012 Kathryn Pruitt. Stress in Harmonic Serialism. (co-supervised with John McCarthy).
2011 Karen Jesney. Cumulative Constraint Interaction in Phonological Acquisition and Typology.
2006 Anne-Michelle Tessier. Biases and Stages in Phonological Acquisition.
2006 Della Chambless. Asymmetries in Consonant Cluster Acquisition.
2006 Angela Carpenter. Acquisition of Natural and Unnatural Stress Systems.