See the menu for links to my linguistics work and writing on local COVID-19 data; my music can be found on a separate website.

I specialize in phonology (the sound systems of language) and the acquisition of phonology, and also have interests in broader aspects of cognitive science.

I’m Professor and Department Chair in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I co-direct the UMass Computational Phonology lab with Michael BeckerGaja Jarosz and Kristine Yu and co-founded the UMass Initiative in Cognitive Science with Lisa Sanders.

I also like to help facilitate wider scholarly communication. In 2013 I founded the Annual Meeting on Phonology and its proceedings published by the LSA. In 2017 Gaja Jarosz and I founded the Society for Computation in Linguistics, which also has an open access proceedings. Gaja and I have also run Phonolist since January 2016, and started the Northeast Computational Phonology Circle in 2007.


I occasionally post academic stuff on Twitter. I try to boycott Facebook for academic communication because its posts are not clearly either open public or private communication, and because it has facilitated unethical research.