Digital Accessibility

Justin describes himself as a young man with a disability advocating for more choices for the disability community. Justin’s speech was pre-recorded using his Accent communication device, an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution. AAC “offers individuals a communication system that can add to or replace speech.” Visit Justin’s Blog or YouTube Channel.

Experience Digital (In)Accessibility

digital accessibility video


In this video, I demonstrate inaccessibility and accessibility by experience. Keep watching my video on digital accessibility even if you don’t hear anything.

I have stopped trusting in PDF Forms especially a long time ago because I have so much 99.9 inaccessibility quotes that I always, always, always prefer having a HTML Form which I can, in the worst case, analyze the HTML code and try to fill it out like that. The Accessibility Experience: How does a blind person navigate PDF documents and forms? · René Jaun (40:35)

Evaluating the User Experience and Accessibility of Digital Tools

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In Spring 2023 I created this lesson plan on Evaluating the User Exerience and Accessbility of Digital Tools for undergraduate students as a guest lecturer for Professor Trust.

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