New Tool Pages

2021 New Tool Pages

  1. Blooket – quiz and game tool
  2. Class Dojo – parent/teacher communication, classroom management, and community building tool
  3. Google Arts and Culture – tool for applying BIG data to art exploration
  4. iCivics – interactive games centered around U.S. government and the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens
  5. IdeaBoardz – sticky note virtual bulletin board
  6. Jamboard – whiteboard tool as a set of slides
  7. Minecraft Education Edition – content-based exploration of Minecraft virtual worlds
  8. Pear Deck – interactive, real-time or asynchronous assessment tool
  9. Storyjumper – tool for designing children’s books
  10. The Smithsonian Learning Lab – Interactive tool for exploring artifacts from the Smithsonian’s 19 museums, 9 research centers, and zoo

2021 Tool Reviewers: Caroline Gabriel, Sara Shea, Chunyu Liu, Kerri Johnson, Kelly Marshall, Joelle Perez-Howlett, Hunter Proulx, Kenneth Mondschein, Earnest Thomas, Miranda Jurras, Madiha Noor, Bridget Lombardi, Courtney Masse, Connor Power, Erin Diskin, Madeline Hill, Joanne Patalano, Sam Torres, Jessica Shay, Allyson Danielson, Sarah Cataldo, Anam Shah, Linda McCarthy, Samantha Scripture, & Jennifer Comiskey.

2021 Tool Web Page Designer: Nathaniel Woodruff.

2020 New Tool Pages

EDUC 390D/692D students in spring 2020 developed 16 new pages featuring a variety of tools to enrich teaching and learning:

  1. Anchor – podcast creation and hosting tool
  2. Basecamp – project management/teamwork platform
  3. Floop – tool for providing digital feedback directly on students’ work (e.g., printed worksheets, photos)
  4. – graphic design tool
  5. Gimkit – quiz tool
  6. Google Keep – multimodal note-taking, organization, and list-making tool
  7. Goosechase – tool for creating multimodal scavenger hunts
  8. – social annotation tool
  9. Knight Lab Storytelling Tools – digital storytelling and information exploration tools
  10. Loom – screen recording tool
  11. Lumen5 – video-making tool (turn text into videos)
  12. Microsoft Immersive Reader – accessibility tool for reading
  13. – digital curation tool
  14. Twine – interactive storytelling tool
  15. VidReader – tool for creating interactive transcripts from YouTube videos
  16. Wolfram|Alpha – knowledge computation tool

2020 Tool Reviewers: Paige Alves, Aviahna Austin, Michelle Barrett, Ashley Blatt, Matthew Checrallah, Constance Cook, Jeffrey Edelstein, Megan Flaherty, Sai Gattupalli, Madison Hinksmon, Joshua Hirsh, Joseph Ice, Ian Miller, Emma Needham, Elisabeth Ng, Isabella Notarangelo, Mason Peng, Benjamin Schroeder, Jared Shein, Kendra Sleeper, Tyler Volpe-Knock, and Isabelle Wang.

2019 New Tool Pages

EDUC 592A students in fall 2018 developed 21 new pages featuring a variety of tools to enrich teaching and learning:

  1. Adobe Spark – video, poster, and website design
  2. Audacity – audio production and editing
  3. Book Creator – design multimodal eBooks
  4. CoSpacesEDU – create mixed reality content
  5. Coursera – massive open online course provider
  6. Educreations – interactive whiteboard screen recorder
  7. Flipgrid – video-based discussion forums
  8. Formative – real-time assessment
  9. Google Sites – website design
  10. Google Tour Builder/Creator – virtual reality design
  11. LucidPress – graphic design (brochures, newsletters, magazines)
  12. Newsela – differentiated reading levels for the news
  13. Pencil Code – creative programming
  14. Powtoon – animated video design
  15. Remind – text-based messaging
  16. Slack – community tool for project management
  17. Socrative – interactive assessment
  18. Sutori – collaborative multimodal timeline design
  19. Sway (Microsoft) – presentation, newsletter, and document design
  20. Twiddla – real-time, collaborative virtual whiteboard
  21. Wakelet – information curation

2019 Tool Reviewers: Adrial Lobelo, Jacob Bensco, Ziyun (Carina) Chen, Juliana Denrich, Liam Flaherty, Taylor Hildack, Jessica Kadarisman, Elizabeth Conniff, Brian Ramirez, Dennis Spencer

2016 Tool Reviewers

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