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Learnalanguage.com is a knowledge-centered tool that cordially invites multilanguage learners to connect with people and explore various topics of interest based on everyday experience. Learalanguage.com provides 21 different language options, including Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Hebrew, Latin, and English.

Tool Snapshot

Price Free
Learning Cognitive Constructivism
Ease of Use ★★★✩✩
Privacy ★★★★✩
Accessibility ★★★★✩
Class Size Unlimited
ISTE*S Empowered Learning

Most fascinating, each language offers seven distinctive categories such as words, phrases, video blogs, dictionary, culture, verb and courses. For example, if language learners choose Japanese as their target language via learnalanuage.com, they are encouraged to probe the wonderland of Japanese culture, inclusive Japanese alphabet, climate in Japan, Japanese sports/music/art, Japanese politics, religion in Japan, Shinto (“the Way of the Gods”), Buddhism, Japanese localization, and Japanese dress and food. That is, Learnalaguage.com serves an illuminating repertoire for the community of Multilanguage participants. It is a great tool for language learners to explore multilanguage fantasy based on interactive audio/visual learning lounge. There’s also an appealing Lingo Dingo game which provides language learners an online language learning journey. It is actually one of the most popular professional learning tools for K-12 teachers as well as all-range multi language learners. You can help bridge the communication gap and learn a new language which proffers fulfillment in your daily life. Let’s learn a language, learn well how your life will be.

Evaluation Criteria

Impact on Student Learning: Learnalanguage offers directly independent learning for multilingual and multicultural context. Language learners might be in face of exploring multi-language and multicultural context in terms of academic development such as social study, language arts and related verbal terms in the classroom or beyond. Learnalanguage notwithstanding, is comparably  deemed as a small-scale platform among multiple cutting-edge online tools, it offers simple and direct concept on account of  language acquisition. Students’ learning especially culturally and linguistically are not merely  focused on textbook or face-to-face conversation in the classroom, knowledge input via online tool-Learnalanguage gives the most scaffolding in terms of language development outside the classroom.

Cost: Learnalanguage.com claims that it is literally free of charge for users since sign up. In order to take Learnalanguage.com into account for learning multilingually and multiculturally, we’re paying with our privacy despite the cost is superficially “Free of Charge.”

Designer: This online tool-Learn A Language.com was founded by Visual Link in 2010

Privacy: What data is collected? When users register at Learnalanguage, use Learnalanguage products or services, personal identification information will be collected, which includes names, email address. Furthermore, if users choose the Products Delivery Service, they are required to fill in true name, address, phone number and postal code.

How is data used? Learnalanguage collects client’s information is in meant to offer better focused services. Meanwhile, personal information is used for “1. Enjoy Learnalanguage Membership Price 2. Receive the information of Sales Promotions of Learnalanguage periodically. 3. Request assistance from our Support Team.”

What do the terms of service/ privacy policy say? Learnalanguage.com Terms and Conditions. This site is owned and operated by the Company Certification Coaching Ltd. The Company provides you with access to a variety of Language Learning Software and worksheet through http://www.learnalanguage.com.

Please read them carefully. The Company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice, and you are solely responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions.

The Company attempts to give all the possible details in describing its products. If a product purchased on this site is not substantially as required, your remedy is to contact our support team ASAP. 1. Privacy 2. Copyright 3. Copyright Complaints 4. License And Site Access 5. Fraudulent Activity 6. Third-party Sites 7. Review, Comments And Other Content 8. Indemnification 9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction 10. Notices 11. Waiver 12. Remedies 13. Severability 14. Entire Agreement

Power and Bias: How’s the tool biased? In my point of view, Learnalanguage gives little bias in the learning context. But, an interesting thing found was that this online tool either intentionally or unintentionally choose eight major language for options, including Spanish, English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, French and Russian.

What type of power structure does the tool encourage?  Education and Internet are two major power structures Learnalanguage encourages.

How’s diversity portrayed?  Learnalanguage is assumingly described into language and culture diversity. Diversity is overtly portrayed based on these two factors: Culture and Language.

What type of language is used? Literally, Learnalanguage uses English language to build the format of website, and less information is found in terms of language use other than English.

Ease of Use: Admittedly, personally, my peer Blanca reflected the issue of ease of use. I found it was less inviting for ease of use because a bunch of interruption such as advertisement popping up during my video recording. Also, without appealing design of website,potential participants would be less willingly to probe what treasures hidden in Learnalanguage. Meanwhile, contact email is provided with Support@learnalanguage.com

FAQ section is another issue for helping troubleshooting in case learners confront immediate guide of problem-solving. “Coming Soon” is the sole notification in FAQ section of Learnalanguage.

Access: All students and teachers are welcomely invited to log on Learnalanguage. Simple steps for access of this online tool is handy and conveniently being manipulated.

Accessibility: Learnalanguage offers completed accessibility except for learners of disabilities.

Workflow: Learnalanguage is merely either a knowledge-based or learner-based online tool, but related input and output usages are less appropriately well-designed. Thus, language learners are unable to take exist files in various formats to input this website, and consequently, learning records or attainable document on Learnalanguage are suggested not to be taken in a way of output.

Learn a Language Overview Video

Learn A Language & the SAMR Model

Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model offers a lens for examining how technology is adopted in a classroom. As you strive to incorporate online tools into your classroom, we encourage you to use this model as an analytic tool.

  • Substitution: Fundamentally multicultural and multilingual resources are steadily found by learners through learnalanguage, which serves as an agent for translanguaging to meet user’s need.  
  • Augmentation: Users are given multiple options with language diversity depending on learners’ preference. Language learning is less limited to some dominant languages, rather, this tool indeed augments repertoire of language learning for users.  
  • Modification: Learn a language provides learners with a platform for phonics learning. Users learn how to become familiar with multilingual pronunciation via continuous practice and adjustment. That way, learners get the know-how to improve speaking by means of modification. 
  • Redefinition:  Instead of language learning, users explore more fun through fun-game practice for assessment purpose.

Learning Activities

Emergent Bilinguals based on L1 (home/native language) for learning L2  

Choose A Language in the bilingual classroom: Learnalanguage.com provides a plenty of language options for bilingualism teachers and students in effort to help understand the cultural roots emergent bilinguals possess. This is a simple online tool but provides pragmatic use for bilingual teachers in ESL classroom. As they know as much as what emergent bilinguals brought from their cultural and lingual roots, English language teachers would get access to guide emergent bilinguals for English language learning based on understanding their L1 literacy and home language.    

For example, for conducting English teaching for Japanese students, English teachers are suggested to log on learnalanguage.com for Japanese cultural and language resources exploration in order to prepare themselves to conduct English language teaching for Japanese students in advance. This is a great online tool for an ESL community-based teaching with respect to dynamic bilingualism and effective pedagogy for emergent bilinguals in school setting.

Common Japanese Phrases 2. Japanese Words 3. Japanese Verbs 4. Japanese Culture 5. Blog 6. Japanese Courses

Discover Fantastic Language Wonderland: Learnalanguage.com is like a wonderland of multilinguistic kaleidoscope inviting language learners to probe. Each specific learning content includes highlighted domain which clarifies comprehensive learning objectives and instructions. For example, in domain of Spanish Phrases involves common Spanish Phrases, Spanish Survival, Spanish Greetings, Spanish Love Phrases and Spanish Slang. Meanwhile, it functions added value in this wonderland such as Spanish Phrases from Real Conversations. Topics of Beachless Country, Bolivian Politics and Hotel II are made in effort to inspire language learners with regard to further learning options inclusive View Word List and View Conversation respectively. It not only gives language learners with learning orientation but also helps match individuals’ needs in terms of learning goals constructed.

Knowledge Gain on Multicultural Base: Multicultural ingredients are deemed as invaluable treasures in learnalanguge.com based on communicative use and translanguaging purpose. That is, for example, take a moment and learn about the Spanish culture as well as the Latin American culture. Learning about is an important part of learning a foreign language. Multicultural learning of Spanish language ranges from Spanish Alphabet, Spanish Weather and Climate, Spanish Holidays, Events, and Festivities, Spanish Art, Music, and Sports, Politics of Spain, Spanish Food and Spanish Clothing, and most importantly Localization.

Learning through Interaction of Appealing Animated Media: Learnalanguage.com constructs an effective learning mechanism which aims at language learners’ motivation through interactive learning and animated-based media. For instance, language learners of pre-K through adults and language teachers are encouraged to utilize “Car Part Words in Language.” Each language presents mini course which is divided into three lenses: 1. Learn based on Learning Lounge 2. Review focuses on Memory Machine 3. Quiz relies on Burri to Builder


How to Use learnalanguage.com

  1. Go to www.learnalanguage.com
  2. Choose your preferred language and click the language icon
  3. Click on specific learning objective


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