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Fifty Sneakers was developed from a regional high school science competition.   There is no mention of the location or the name of the high school.  To prepare for the competition, students took various types of quizzes with the aim of conceptualizing, retaining, and ultimately mastering knowledge specific to typical high school science courses (e.g., biology, earth sciences, chemistry, and physics).   

Today, Fifty Sneakers is owned by an outfit known as DevShop.  What is not clear about Fifty Sneakers is who initially developed the tool:  teachers or students?    This may be important to know, as some educators may place greater fidelity on tools that are teacher-created.

Tool Snapshot

Price Free
Type of learning Connectivism


Ease of Use ★★★★✩
Privacy ★★✩✩✩
Accessibility ★★✩✩✩
Class Size 50 students per class (maximum 25 classes per account)
ISTE Standards for Students Empowered Learner


Fifty Sneakers does not require any additional downloads and purports to be accessible on any web browser.  Teachers using Fifty Sneakers need to be registered users.  When creating a quiz, teachers must specify the type of quiz they wish to design:  multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, short answer, multiple answers, fill in the blank, and more.  

Teachers are not limited to one question type.  Fifty Sneakers allows teachers to create a quiz with a mix of different question types.  

Answer options can be customized, to include rows and columns.  Teachers can include links to a bibliography or other sources, if needed, within each question.   There is an option to upload images or videos, if needed.

Teachers must create unique usernames for each student.  Teachers can place restrictions on the duration of time students have access to each quiz.  There is a setting that allows Fifty Sneakers to randomize each question, so that each quiz has its own sequence of questions.    

ISTE Standards

The Empowered Learner ISTE standard is met as evidenced by the tool’s ability to provide feedback to students based on their performance on teacher-created quizzes.  


Fifty Sneakers is free for users, but there are limits placed on each account.  Teachers may only invite up to 50 students to take a quiz.  In addition, teachers can upload a maximum of 50 documents to the site and can only maintain quizzes for a maximum of 25 classes.  


The time necessary to dedicate mastering Fifty Sneakers is significant.  The tool allows users to customize questions to a remarkable degree:  rows, columns, time limits, bibliographical links, etc.  


Fifty Sneakers does not provide support for students with special needs.  Students who are visually impaired may be most impacted, as screen reader software may have difficulty describing video or graphical content embedded in quiz questions.


DevShop, the owner of Fifty Sneakers, states that it saves every e-mail address registered with the site.  However, their privacy policy does make explicit that a change in ownership may change privacy rules.  In the event Fifty Sneakers is sold to another entity, Fifty Sneakers states they will inform all users about any changes in privacy.  

It is unclear for how long content uploaded to DevShop’s servers remain there, and if deleted by a user, if the deletion is permanent.  Also unknown is the amount of time a user’s account would be considered dormant, and if there are any consequences for dormancy.


Fifty Sneakers has the potential to increase tech equity among students across a large geographic area.  Students who live in rural areas, with limited access to extracurricular interests (e.g., Science Club competitions), may benefit significantly in the tool’s ability to repeat testing.  

Fifty Sneakers and the SAMR Model

Substitution:  Fifty Sneakers eliminates the need to distribute paper and pencil versions of quiz assessments.  

Augmentation:  Fifty Sneakers allows students to create their own quizzes, in alignment with a flipped classroom model of learning. Peer-led instruction can be followed by a peer-created quiz, to be administered in real-time.  

Modification:  Fifty Sneakers allows teachers to evaluate quiz across different groups of students, allowing for easy comparison of results using graphical data.  This is particularly useful, since teachers can seamlessly analyze quiz results, while taking into account variables unique to each group of students.

Redefinition:   Fifty Sneakers may enhance learning for students who compete in academic competitions.  Recall that the tool’s original purpose was to help a team of science students prepare for an academic competition.  Learning in this context provides richer opportunities for students to master content collaboratively.  This occurs when students are able to provide one another with support and assistance when confronted with difficult content on quizzes.  

Learning Activities

Driver Education

Provide practice quizzes to allow students to prepare for the written, multiple-choice automobile driving exam. Questions can contains video vignettes of common driver errors on the road, and asks students to choose the best answer that models safe driving.   


The professional nursing licensure exam in the U.S. and Canada has a large number of multiple answer questions (also known as select all that apply questions).  Nursing faculty can provide quizzes to senior nursing students, who are often unaccustomed to this type of assessment.  This type of quizzing can reduce student anxiety on the day of the exam, since the exam is administered on a computer at a testing center in the community.  

English as a Second Language

English language learners can assess their personal vocabulary by writing in the appropriate word in an open-ended, fill-in-the-blank question. Each question contains an image in the question stem that provides contextual clues.  If the student provides an answer that is not correct, another image will appear offering additional contextual clues.  Such responsiveness can increase student confidence in mastering new vocabulary and syntax.      

How to Use Fifty Sneakers

1.  Type in your web browser

2. The site requires faculty to create a free account.

3.  Complete the free account online form.

4.  Fifty Sneakers will send new users an e-mail to verify the account.

5.  After signing in with account credentials, the user home page provides a series of steps on how to create a quiz.

6.  Step one is labeled “Add your content.” Upload images, video, and other documents that will be the basis of the quiz.  If there is no content to upload, this step can be bypassed.

7.  Step two is labeled “create and print a worksheet or exam.” This allows users to create a paper version of the quiz or a blueprint of topics covered on the quiz.  This step is optional.

8.  Step three is labeled “create an online test.” This is the step that users will spend the bulk of their time. Interactive menus and windows will guide users in creating a quiz, with the option of using items uploaded into the content library.

9.  Step four involves assigning user access to the quiz.

10.  Step five is the report function, which provides analysis and grading reports of quizzes administered.

11.  Step six is an interactive area, where users can seek help from other users in forums.



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FiftySneakers Utility

Fifty Sneakers allows students to complete formative quiz assessments online.


See the video review here.

Transcript of Video

Welcome!  This is a review of Fifty Sneakers.  Fifty Sneakers can be utilized as knowledge-centered tool.  Students are required to assess the problem stated in the question stem, using both cognitive and metacognitive skills to answer the question correctly.  Students demonstrate their mastery of new knowledge by answering questions using a mix of recall, recognition, and critical thinking methods.  

This is the home page of the tool.  Registration is free.  After logging in, you are taken to this page which provides a series of steps on how to create your own customized quiz.

One major strength of Fifty Sneakers is that the tool allows for many different types of quizzes.  Multiple choice, true/false, select all that apply, and short answer quizzes are just some of the choices educators have when creating a quiz.

Quizzes can also be highly customized to include images, hyperlinks, video, and other media.

The tool requires registration of all users, and instructors are permitted to enroll up to 50 students. Instructors provide unique links and access codes to students to begin a quiz, and quizzes can be time limited.  For example, a driver education teacher can create a quiz with video vignettes of typical mistakes drivers make on the road.  Students then can provide short answers identifying the mistakes and how such mistakes can be corrected.  

Another major benefit of Fifty Sneakers is the tool’s ability to analyze quiz results across several groups of students.  Results are provided in easy to understand visual graphs.

I invite you to read the rest of the review online!  Bring your quiz on!!