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TodaysMeet is primarily a backchanneling tool that allows students to participate in synchronous or asynchronous discussions  in  virtual classrooms created by instructors. 


Price Free  & Paid Service
Type of learning Social constructivism; Connectivism
Ease of Use




Accessibility ★★★★   
Class Size Unlimited within an hour; if the open rooms
belonging to one account have more than 500
connections at the same time for more than one
hour, TodaysMeet reserves the right to close rooms
to bring the number of connections down below 500.
ISTE Standards for Students

Empowered Learner, Creative Communicator,
Global Collaborator

This online tool can be used in a variety of ways to encourage students’ engagement in class. It is very easy to use, even for beginners. TodaysMeet offers both free and paid services, depending on the needs and financial means of the user.

The free service offers basic functions to backchanneling a class discussion. One commonly seen problem in a classroom is that some students might feel uncomfortable sharing their ideas. TodaysMeet offers an opportunity for all students to voice their ideas in writing, which encourages more active participation from the entire class. It gives a revenue for the teacher to hear from everyone and also allows tangent topics to happen at the same time as the main discussion. Additionally, the conversations that happen in a TodaysMeet classroom are saved temporarily in a transcript so that teachers and students can review and analyze the conversation after the discussion.

TodaysMeet collects personal information, such as nicknames and login emails, when you use the tool. Its privacy policy states that it will not sell or share this information with third parties except for the ones mentioned in its privacy policy , such as school officials and courts of law.

Limitations :

  • It does not provide face to face experience for interpersonal learners.
  • It is hard to be used for math discussion when equations and mathematical symbols are involved.
  • Privacy wise, it seems that  for the free account, the ability to control who can participate in the discussion is limited. There are only two choices, either accessible to anyone or those who are logged in users. If I want to limit the participants to be only the students, then I’d have to upgraded to a paid account.

Transcript of the tutorial

TodaysMeets & the SAMR Model

  • Substitution: Students engage in a discussion on TodaysMeet (rather than having them engage in a discussion in class).
  • Augmentation: Students can engage in a week-long conversation with classmates outside of class time.
  • Modification: Students can critically analyze the transcript of the discussion.
  • Redefinition: The teacher and students can invite community members, experts, and other classrooms to join an in-class backchannel or an ongoing conversation about a topic.

Infographic on back channeling, ease of use, upgrades and features.

Infographic created by Lian Duan

Learning Activities

Math: TodaysMeet can also be used as a virtual visual classroom for  guest speakers, or a place to hold  online office hours, etc.  Students can collaborate to write research paper in the virtual classroom.

Discuss an abstract idea without using specific math symbols. It allows students to expand the discussion to related topics which cannot be addressed in class due to time constraints.

ScienceCollaboratively research on a topic, then write research report and use links for videos, articles, pictures, useful website to enrich the presentation. While watching an educational video, conduct a silent discussion on the side in TodaysMeets, or post questions.

English/Language Arts: Discuss a book over a week or two. Invite an author to talk about his/her book asynchronously with the class.

Other: Use TodaysMeets classroom for online office time, Can be used to create online class community by inviting students in other places to join the discussion.


How to Use Today’s Meet

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for an account, or use it without an account

Screenshot of steps for signing up

Screenshot of login information needed to sign up.

Enter message and follow the discussion

Enter a message and follow the directions screenshot of signing up


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