College of Nursing

The Office of Research in the College of Nursing is delighted to present the first talk in our 2019 Spring Seminar Series to be delivered by Rebecca Bialecki, PhD, who will speak on ”¬†Engaging with Community: Purposeful Relationships.”

Dr. Bialecki holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a long-time community leader and rural activist for health and social justice. She is currently the CEO of STAR Consulting, which supports non-profits throughout New England. Previously, she served as the Executive Director of the North Quabbin Community Coalition for over 14 years where she worked to promote a healthy community, focusing on areas of concern for the region, including transportation, health access, community development, child welfare and building resources. She most recently served as Vice President for Community Health and Chief Agent of Change from 2014 to 2018. She developed the new behavioral health campus at the Quabbin Retreat to serve the community’s need for behavioral health and addiction.

Her relationships with the local community have built bridges to health for the patient population by working to seamlessly integrate care and promote a whole person approach. She was lead staff in the development of telemedicine, oversaw the Telemedicine programs across the health system developing teleneurology, and offering tele-behavioral health both in patient and within local partner school systems.

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