Funding Opportunity – In Good Company: the 2018 Optimal Aging Challenge

In Good Company: the 2018 Optimal Aging Challenge, is a global innovation challenge focused on identifying breakthrough ideas, products or services to alleviate isolation and loneliness among older adults. The Challenge will continue through September 28, and winners chosen in December.

Why is this Challenge important?

When we engage older people to enable them to continue to live, work and volunteer in their communities we all benefit from their energy, experience and contributions.

The risk for social isolation and loneliness grows as we experience changes associated with getting older. Research by the AARP Foundation shows that a combination of societal barriers and life transitions increase social isolation, which is worsened by poor health and lack of access to public spaces and transportation. Self-reported loneliness induces stress and dysphoria, and AARP notes that prolonged isolation has a mortality effect equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day, alongside other impacts such as increased risk for cardiovascular disease, depression, dementia and disability.

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