New week, new life, and Irish things!

Hello, my faithful followers! That is to say, no one.

Finals are over, and that means that I can return to my own pursuits. Currently that includes being faithful to my blog, so here I am with some updates and thoughts.

One morning, professor Harris suggested that I talk to a professor of Irish studies by the name of Maria Tymoczko in the comparative literature department. He thought that talking to her would be interesting to me. I emailed her, and she told me that she was on sabbatical in order to finish her book, but would be happy to call me. I did, and was so impressed at my knowledge of Irish that she offered to host a seminar to teach Old Irish at UMass next semester! All that I had to do was find a few interested students for the class and she would teach it, despite being on sabbatical. When I told professor Harris, he immediately said that he would love to join. I’m really excited! Not only can I learn Old Irish in an academic setting, but I can do so for credit towards my English major.

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