Nuoya Zhou graduate student
Alyssa Conway graduate student
Yating Zhang graduate student
Chetan Yadav graduate student

Alessandro Cosgrove undergraduate
Henry Jordan undergraduate
Ava Rodrigues undergraduate
Jeehyun Kim undergraduate
Shiyu Zhang undergraduate

Recent Theses
Zhejun Shen Collective Motion and Phases of Active Squares
Rahul Chajwa Driven Stokesian Suspensions: Particle Anisotropy, Effective Inertia and Transient Growth TIFR Best Thesis Prize

Florence Rouyer, faculty at University Paris Est
Joey Paulsen, faculty at Syracuse University
Deepak Kumar, faculty at IIT Delhi

Grads (graduation year/first step/current, where known)
Rahul Chajwa PhD2021 ICTS Bangalore (advised with R Govindarajan, S. Ramaswamy); postdoc Stanford University
Zhejun Shen PhD2021; Applied Researcher eBay.
S. Gangaprasath PhD2019 ICTS Bangalore (advised with R Govindarajan); postdoc Harvard University
Sumit Birwa PhD2019 ICTS Bangalore (advised with R Govindarajan); postdoc Cambridge University
Jooyoung Chang (advised with Tom Russell, PSE) PhD 2019; scientist at Intel
Lee Walsh PhD 2017  ; postdoc Wesleyan University
Greg Farrell PhD 2018
Dominique Cambou, PhD 2014; postdoc ESPCI
K Bugra Toga, PhD 2013,Scientist Eastman Chemicals, co-advised TP Russell
Hunter King, PhD 2013; postdoc Harvard University; Asst Prof. Akron University
Kevin Facto, PhD 2011, thesis supervisor: Prof. Don Candela
Hongqiang Wang, PhD 2010, Analyst, Bloomberg Group
Jiangshui Huang, PhD 2010,Postdoc Harvard University, co-advised with TP Russell; Scientist, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Vijay Narayan PhD 2008 IISc; postdoc Cambridge University; thesis supervisor: Sriram Ramaswamy
K.Z. Win, PhD 2006; postdoc Texas Tech U
Klebert Feitosa, Ph.D. 2004, postdoc U Penn, Staff Scientist Glaxo Smith Kline, Assoc Prof James Madison U

Recent Undergraduates
Sasha Bakker
Jake McConley
Guangfeng Yu
Liam O’Brien
Noah Paradis-Burnett (REU 2017)