Rise of the Empire


Did this for class, it’s a political piece about America’s emperical nature. The most interesting thing about this piece is actuly what the original was; JFK giving his state of the union around the time of the Cuban missle crisis. What I did was just plop the heads of Bush and Hitler on LBJ and the other speaker (I need a history lesson I suppose). I’m not trying to suggest Bush is anything like Hitler, but rather show parallels between Germany’s bid for global dominance under Nazi control, and the US currently attempting to dominate the globe, (in a very different fashion). Darth Vader is symbolic of the idea of an “evil empire” that and it makes this piece laughable. Other added symbols are that of Napoleon (world conquest..ect) the painting, as well as the bust both depict the French leader.

On the run


This is my sister Emily hiding out in the woods, i’m trying to suggest that she might have something to hide, or maybe did something that requires hoping in a hole in the woods. The original image is a bright beautiful shot taken by Emily at the Quabbin, I decided to turn the lights off and make it more dramatic. The light coming in from the right is artificial, and pretty cool if I may say so. I wanted it to feel like someone had just discovered Emily up to no good. The shadows are all painted in as is the hole in the ground…if you expand the image you can see the brush-work.