Frequently asked questions

Q: How much milk will I be asked to provide?

A: We typically ask for 1-3 ounces of breast milk per breast if that is doable for you. If not, slightly less is okay.

We ask that you pump the morning of the study visit from both your left and right breast and collect it in a kit that we provide. It has containers that are labeled for the left and right breast samples. Also, a few days before the study visit, we ask that you do the same: collect breast milk from both the left and right breast and store that in your freezer.

Q: How is the study adapting to COVID-19?

A: All aspects of the study are remote. Questionnaires will be administered over Zoom or the phone. We guide you through measuring your weight and height and your infants weight and length over the phone or by Zoom. We drop off sample collection kits and a scale at your house. We pick up samples curbside at a time that is convenient for you.

Q: Can I enroll in the study if I am not a first time mother or have been previously pregnant?

A: Yes, the study is open to first time and experienced mothers.

Q: Where can I find the eligibility criteria?

A: You can find all criteria on the Eligibility Criteria tab at the top of the page.