Dr. Ramazan Alitnok: Best Practices in Turkish eGovernment

Northampton Jan-March 2015 036


On Wednesday, February 25, National Center for Digital Government Visiting Fellow Ramazan Altinok, Phd, LLM, MsC, MPA, Chief e-Gov Advisor and Head of e-Goverment Advisory Group Prime Minister’s Office, presented “Best Practices in Turkish E-Government.” Dr. Altinok’s talk was part of the ongoing National Center for Digital Government’s Spring Seminar Series.

Dr. Altinok discussed the historical development of e-Government in Turkey, and provided an overview of contemporary developments in Turkish e-Government, including the comprehensive central government website, pictured below. According to Dr. Altinok, this central government website has become a model for governments around the globe.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.55.57 PM

turkiye.gov.tr, the official e-Government gateway of the Republic of Turkey

Dr. Altinok graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Istanbul in 1988, obtained lawyership licence in 1990, he received his LLM from the University of Istanbul in 1993, his Executive MPA from National Public Management Institute in 2002, and his Msc (MIS) degree from the Middlesex University, London, in 2003. He received his 1st PhD in Economics (e-commerce), and his 2nd PhD in Public Management (e-Participation).Northampton Jan-March 2015 041

Dr. Altinok has been head of the e-Government Advisory Group at the Prime Minister’s Office since 2007. Responsible from coordination of 25 cross-cutting e-government projects prioritised by the PM. He has also lead the e-legislation group established in 2009 responsible from drafting a comprehensive e-legal infrastructure for the country.

Dr. Altinok  was awarded the strategic visionary bureaucrat of the year award  in 2010 by TASAM, EMEA e-Government Award 2011 and most innovative bureaucrat of the year award in 2011. He assumed presidency  of the e-Government Working Group of OIC Countries in July 2011. He consulted Syrian, Saudi Arabian, Moritanian, Turkmenistan, Kosovan and Moldovan governments on e-Government and Public Management Modernization Projects. He is the founder of SIEG: Sharing Ideas on e-Government Professional Group on Linkend in addressing 800+ e-government leaders worldwide, and leading the group since 2009.http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=1908514&trk=my_groups-tile-grp Dr. Alitnok is fluent in English and Arabic, and interdemiate in Persian.