Junior Year Writing in the College of Natural Sciences is an interdisciplinary writing course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst that brings together students from a range of undergraduate majors in the natural sciences to produce collaborative persuasive research papers.

Students come from the following departments and majors:

Department of Environmental Conservation

  • environmental science major
  • natural resources conservation major
    • fisheries ecology & conservation concentration
    • wildlife ecology & conservation concentration
    • forest ecology & conservation concentration
    • environmental conservation concentration
    • water resources concentration
    • urban forestry & arboriculture concentration
  • building and construction technology major

Stockbridge School of Agriculture

  • horticultural science
  • turfgrass science & management
  • plant and soil sciences
  • sustainable food & farming

Department of Geosciences

  • geology
  • earth systems

Department of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

  • animal science
  • pre-veterinary science

Articles posted to this blog are the final papers produced by multi-disciplinary groups of students in the course. Posted papers are unedited and did not undergo any editorial review. In these papers, student set out to identify a problem, explore the causes and impacts of that problem, and propose a solution to alleviate the problem. The papers are argumentative in nature, intending to persuade the reader of the proposal and defend the proposal against opposing arguments.