Current Lab Group Members

Zhengyu Xia – Postdoctoral Researcher
PhD: Lehigh University, 2020

Research Interests: For my postdoc, my research interests include using models and data of stable isotopes to quantify (1) the evapotranspiration fluxes in the atmospheric water cycle and (2) the influence of hydrological processes on weathering fluxes in terrestrial systems. During my PhD study at Lehigh University, my research mainly focused on developing paleoclimate records from peat deposits in southern Patagonia to understand the variability of the Southern Hemisphere Westerly Winds.

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Brian Saccardi – PhD Candidate
MS: University of New Hampshire, 2019

Research Interests: My research interests include the effects that anthropogenic landscapes have on carbon cycling in rivers and streams, as well as evaluating sources of CO2 fluxes from streams in urban and agricultural watersheds.

Jordan Allen – MS Student

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Former Lab Group Members

Timothy Milliken, Undergraduate, UMass ’19

Britnay Beaudry, Undergraduate, UMass ’19

Kimberly Bohan, Undergraduate, UMass ’19

Sophia LaRoche, Undergraduate, UMass ’20