Author: Magda Oiry

References: spoken french

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References: questions

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References: focus

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  Prononciation des voyelles nasales  /ɑ̃/ /ɔ̃/ /ɛ̃/ [youtube][/youtube] Prononciation des voyelles /i/, /u/, /y/ [youtube][/youtube] Trois voyelles arrondies: /ø/, /œ/ et /ə/ [youtube][/youtube] The French vowels /o/ and /ɔ/ [youtube][/youtube] Les trois “e” du français [youtube][/youtube] Read more →

371 Grammaire avancée et composition

Français 371 Prof. Magda Oiry Printemps 2014 South College 313, 545-6545 MWF 1:25-2:15 moiry at linguist dot umass dot edu Herter 201 F 11-12 ou sur rendez-vous     Textes: 1) Jacqueline Ollivier et Martin Beaudoin, Grammaire française, 4e édition (obligatoire) 2) Un bon dictionnaire français, comme Le Petit Robert (recommandé) 3) Un bon dictionnaire bilingue, comme Le Collins-Robert (recommandé)  … Read more →

312 French Phonetics

  Magda Oiry                                                               Office Hours: F 11-12 & by appt Course: MWF             2:30-3:20                                           Classroom: Herter Hall 222 Office: South College 313                                              e-mail: moiry at Overview This course will give you phonetics knowledge in order to master pronunciation correctly. We will go over the articulation properties of French (phonétique articulatoire), especially detailing how consonants and vowels… Read more →