UUSLAW Nov 7, 2015

University of Massachusetts, University of Connecticut and Smith College

Language Acquisition Workshop

UUSLAW Fall 2015

Hosted at Smith College in McConnell Hall 103

(Parking on adjacent streets e.g. Green street ($1 an hour:meters)

or in Green street or Scott gym parking lots at Smith College)

9.30am  Coffee, tea and bagels  Foyer of McConnell

10 am Andie Faber (U.Mass)

“Assigning and incorporating grammatical gender in L1 and L2 speakers of gendered languages”

10.40am Emma Nguyen (U.Conn)

“Some thoughts on English-speaking children’s comprehension of long passives”

11.20am Ryosuke Hattori  (U.Conn)

“On The Majority Influence in English-Chinese Japanese Trilingual Acquisition”

11.50pm Mantoa Smouse (UCT, visiting Smith)

“The Acquisition of Disjoint Morphemes in isiXhosa”

12.30-2 Lunch break (we will provide, but other options available locally!) Foyer of McConnell

2pm Kadir Gökgöz  (U.Conn)

“IX arguments in code-blending: asymmetries between subjects and objects”

2.30pm Meghan Armstrong (U. Mass)

“Catalan-speaking children’s multimodal perception of disbelief”

3.10pm Vanessa Petroj  (U. Conn)

“Article Distribution in English-ASL Code-blended Whispered Speech”

3:50pm tea break  Foyer of McConnell

4.10pm Renato Lacerda (U.Conn)

“Contrastive topicalization in early English: initial questions”

4.40pm Michael Clauss, Tom Roeper and Barbara Pearson (U.Mass)

“Examining restrictiveness and the semantic correlates of recursion”]]