Assignment 6

Assignment on Complements, Adjuncts, and Constituency
1. Apply the do-so substitution test to the bracketed sequence of
words in the following verb phrase to determine whether they form
a V' or not.

Adam will…

a. frequently [buy paintings] with Natasha

b. frequently [buy paintings with Natasha]

c. frequently [buy] paintings with Natasha

d. [frequently buy paintings] with Natasha

e.  [frequently buy] paintings with Natasha

f.  frequently buy [paintings with Natasha]

Draw the tree for the sentence above, don’t forget to take into account the results from the do-so test.

2. Are the italicized phrases in (2) complements or 
adjuncts? Explain. Your discussion doesn't have to be extensive, 
but  you must include the syntactic evidence (do so substitution 
facts or changing the order for example) on which you base your 
(2) a. They waited for us.
b. This program costs twenty dollars.
c. We drove to Denver.
d. We worded the letter carefully.
e. They are behaving very inconsiderately.
f. This volcano might erupt any minute.


3. Draw trees using our reformulated phrase structure rules for 
the following sentences

a. Automobile factories abound in Michigan

b. My favorite language is a language with simple morphology and complicated syntax

c. Ivan got a noogie on Wednesday from the disgruntled students of phonology in Tucson

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