Removed Uneccessary Functions, Fixed Invalid Branching Checks

During the past few days, I accomplished a lot in terms of testing/debugging my branching validation checks. I created a Constraint test suite which I am using to test that surveys with broken branching throw the appropriate exceptions when their jsonize() functions are called. I created some additional example surveys which branch backward and do not follow the branch-one, branch-all, or branch-none policy. Testing with these surveys led me to discover a ton of bugs/typos within my validation check functions, as well as in other functions. I haven’t completely finished testing the validation methods, but what I’ve tested so far (backwards branching and invalid branch numbers) seems to work, at least for top level blocks. However, I just realized that my check for number of branch questions per block doesn’t check subblocks. I’m not sure how this should be handled for questions contained in subblocks (for example, if block 1 contains a branch question and block 1.1 also contains a branch question, does this count as 2 branch questions in block 1?) Depending on how to interpret this, I may need to rethink where/how I check the number of branch questions in each block. Right now, I have a Block method which iterates over the questions contained within that block and checks if they are branch questions, which is called for each block in the survey from the Survey object. I’m not sure if this is the best way to set things up.

Additionally, I removed all of the functions deemed unnecessary at the last meeting, which makes the module a lot shorter and cleaner looking. Once Emma finishes the JSON parser, I can hopefully determine whether my JSON is valid or how I need to change it; it still isn’t working with the HTML tests, even though it looks valid compared to the schema.

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