Added some blocking, started JSON stuff

Once I had the basic Question, Option, and Survey components implemented, I started working on the blocks. Originally, my Survey object contained a list of questions; I changed it so that it was instead a list of blocks (where if there is no blocking necessary, all the questions are just put in one block by the user, and that one block is passed to the survey). The Block object that I originally created did not allow the user to fill it with both subblocks and questions; however, after talking to Emma, I fixed it so that it could have both. I haven’t implemented any randomization, but Emma mentioned that the javascript handles it. I started trying to implement a jsonize method for each object, which I haven’t tested yet. I was supposed to meet with Emma today to see if the JSON I wrote matched the schema, but our meeting got rescheduled (due to snow? Or something else…), so I’ll try to have things sorted out for Monday.

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