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I am a senior at UMass Amherst pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science. I plan on attending attending graduate school, and am currently still weighing the M.S. vs. PhD options. My interests include AI and data science.

Current Work:

I am currently working with David Jensen and Dan Garant in the Knowledge Discovery Laboratory (KDL). My current thesis research explores the use of propensity score matching for causal inference from relational, observational data. Specifically, I am investigating several causal questions about user behavior on Stack Overflow, using the observational data from their publicly available data dumps. Currently, I am to determine whether the incentivized design of Stack Overflow (specifically badges and the reputation point system) causes users to engage in long-term, constructive activity on the site. Additionally, I hope to explore whether users’ presentations of themselves (e.g. through various types of profile pictures) has a causal impact on the reception their content receives from other users.

Past Work:

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