4/25 – Andrew Havens: Games with Topological Secrets

To close our Math Club meeting this semester, Andrew will bring mathematical games simply played using just pencils and papers.

Be noticed that we will start at 5:30 pm, later than usual, to avoid interfering with the talk given by people from Newgrange, who are recruiting math majored BS students.

Here is the abstract of Andrew:


Games with Topological Secrets

We will learn to play a pair of pencil and paper 2 player games, originally devised in the 1960’s by John Horton Conway and Michael Stewart Paterson when they were graduate students at Cambridge. The games will be a proxy for learning a little combinatorial game theory and topology. Participation is encouraged, as we will first play the games to uncover some their secrets before discussing some of their interesting mathematical properties and the corresponding strategies. This meeting will be accessible to students of any level, and presumes no formal familiarity with either topology or game theory.