Tonight in Math club – Jason McGibbon: Go in the time of Google!

Join us for Jason McGibbon’s long awaited Go talk! 5-6pm in LGRT 1528, today, Wednesday, 3/30! Pizza and soda and knowledge of the effect of modernity on an ancient game await! Have an abstract:

Go in the time of Google

We’ll talk about some of the underlying theory behind the DeepMind’s AlphaGo, an AI which recently beat Lee Sedol 4 games to 1 in the venerable game of go (also known as weiqi or baduk). Along the way we’ll discuss neural networks, Monte Carlo tree searches, and some of the basics of this (at least) 2,500 year old game.

Math club 3/23 – A. Havens – What is Homology?

Tonight at 5pm in LGRT 1528, I’ll tell you about homology. Not all about it. A bit like a “Homology for anybody” talk, in the spirit of UMass math program alum Dan Briggs. Come get pizza, and learn about one of the fundamental constructions within modern mathematics. Here’s an abstract:

When studying classification problems, mathematicians need invariants. Originating in algebraic topology, homology is an invariant that involves associating sequences of Abelian groups to mathematical objects. In the last 120 years, it has become an indispensable tool in several areas of mathematics. We’ll discuss simplicial homology for a few example spaces, showing how it is computable from triangulations. We’ll also discuss how integral simplicial homology of a surface connects to the classical invariant called the Euler characteristic. We’ll then conclude by discussing what is meant by “a homology theory”.

3/9 – Math videos

Tonight from 5-6pm in LGRT 1528 we’ll be watching some math videos, enjoying some pizza, and perhaps squeezing in some games, like Set, or Sprouts. Come join us!