3/4 – Stephen Oloo, “Navigating higher dimensional space”

Come join us on Wednesday, 3/4, 5-6pm in LGRT 1634  for a talk by UMass grad student Steve Oloo: “Navigating higher dimensional space”

Pizza and soda will be provided as usual!

Abstract: It can be tough to visualize spaces once we start dealing with more than 3 dimensions. But for particularly nice spaces there is hope! Come be introduced to some basic examples of moduli spaces – spaces whose points represent geometric objects of some kind. Along the way we will think about interesting questions like – exactly what is a singularity? (And no, I’m not referring to the moment when super intelligent AI takes over the planet.

Hope to see you there!

2/18 – Organizational Meeting: Part 2!

That’s part 2, or part 2!, both are correct!

I had issues with the email lists for the first organizational meeting, so I don’t think many people knew about it. I have seen a lot of new faces during the last couple of meetings, and I would like to meet everyone! So come by LGRT 1634 from 5-6pm for math club! Pizza and Soda will be provided, as usual!

2/11- Nestor Guillen, “Notions of Curvature and What it Means for a Surface to be ‘Round'”

5-6pm in LGRT 1528.

Abstract: I will motivate and introduce several important concepts from differential geometry, particularly those pertaining to the shapes of surfaces. This means I will talk about different ways of measuring how “curved” a surface is and how one can go about recovering the complete shape of a surface if one knows its curvature. Finally, I will sketch an important theorem of Aleksandrov that says that the only “round surface”  is the sphere, an interesting feature of this theorem is that the only known proofs rely on methods from analysis and partial differential equations.

2/4 – Tom Shelly, “Category Theory”

This week, Tom Shelly will give a talk on category theory, introducing the basic vocabulary of the theory with lots of examples and discussion of how categories generalize many things that students may have encountered before. Wednesday 2/4, 5-6pm, LGRT 1528.

As always, pizza and soda will be provided!