Computational Fluid Dynamics

This week Hans Johnston will talk about computational fluid dynamics. There will be pizza and soda with the talk. See you at 5:30 on Wednesday in LGRT 1634!

Abstract: We will discuss some current methods as well as future challenges in CFD.

The Theory Behind the Game Set

Hi everyone,

Come celebrate Pi Day with some pizza, soda, and a great talk! This week, Jennifer Koonz will be speaking about the theory behind the game Set. There should be some time at the end of the talk to play Set ourselves!

Three Houses and Three Utilities

This week our speaker is Elizabeth Drellich. Her talk, “The Three Houses and Three Utilities Problem: on Earth and on a Torus” will be accompanied by pizza and soda this Wednesday 3/7 at 5:30 in LGRT 1634. Hope to see you there!


The Three Houses and Three Utilities Problem asks, can you draw lines, called edges, connecting each of the three houses to each of the three utilities with no lines crossing each other.  The first part of the talk will explain the problem in terms of graph theory, and discuss how to tell whether a graph is planar, (i.e. can be drawn with no crossings).  But what happens when a graph isn’t planar, like the one that results from the three houses three utilities problem?  Then we have to add bridges to allow on edge to go over another.  Determining a graph’s genus tells us the minimum number of bridges needed to make sure that no two edges cross.