Game Night!

Come join us this week for pizza and games! We have Set and Go, but feel free to bring any fun games you’d like to play. We will meet at our usual time 6-7 PM in LGRT 1634.

An Introduction to Surfaces

CORRECTION! Math Club will me at our usual time 6-7 tonight (NOT 7-9!)

Hi everyone,

Hopefully everyone had a fun and restful spring break! Math Club is back this Wednesday 3/23 from 7-9 6-7 PM in LGRT 1634. Julie Rana will give a talk “An Introduction to Surfaces: What do you get when you combine a Mobius band and a sphere?” As usual we will have pizza and soda, so come join us!

What’s a mathematical surface and how does it coincide with our intuition? We’ll examine some interesting properties of surfaces, how to tell if two surfaces are essentially the same, and how we can combine surfaces. Along the way, we’ll play with Mobius bands (and scissors!) and discuss a useful way to draw any surface on a piece of paper. Finally, we’ll learn about a surprising result known as the Classification of Surfaces.

Linking of Knots

Hi All,

You’re probably familiar with those oh so frustrating linking puzzles where you have to decouple some twisted up pieces of metal. Jason McGibbon will be talking to us about these puzzles and how they relate to the linking of knots tomorrow (Wednesday) 6-7pm in LGRT 1634. Come join us for pizza, soda, and math!

PS: If you are attending the Henry Jacobs Math Competition, you should still come to Math Club! You can leave a little bit early, and it’s in the same building.

Henry Jacob Mathematics Competition

Next Wednesday (3/9) 7-9PM in LGRT 101-103 is the 25th Annual Henry Jacob Mathematics Competition! The competition is open to all freshman and sophomore degree students at UMass Amherst. The problems on the exam are all drawn from elementary algebra, calculus, geometry, number theory, and combinatorics. No fancy stuff is necessary.

First prize is $1600! Sign up in LGRT 1623D by 3pm on the day of the competition (March 9). More information and sample problems can be found here: