Number Theory Talk Wednesday 11/17

After the holiday schedule last week we are back Wednesday 11/17! Come enjoy pizza from 6-7 in LGRT 1634 while Adam Gamzon presents “Sum of Two Squares” and answers a classic question in number theory.

Abstract: Which primes p can be written as the sum of two integer squares: p=a^2+b^2? This is a classic question from number theory that Fermat answered in the 1600’s using his “method of descent”. Since Fermat’s time, however, several other methods for reaching Fermat’s answer have been discovered. The approach that we will focus on makes use of complex numbers.

Next Meeting In Two Weeks

The Math Club will not meet this week (11/3) or next week (11/10). The next meeting will take place on 11/17. Stay tuned for more details. Here’s the e-mail that Holley sent out to everyone:

“This week Math Club will not officially meet. Instead there will be an event Wednesday at 5:00 PM in LGRT 1535 for math majors (or anyone) interested in teaching math at the middle and high school level. Sandra Madden from the UMass school of education will discuss what you need to do to get a job, how to learn how to teach, what courses to take, etc. “Good food” is promised. Also, next week UMass does not have a Wednesday so our next meeting will be Wednesday 11/17. See you then!”