How Long is The Coast of Britain?

This week’s talk is entitled “How Long is the Coast of Britain: Fractals and Fractal Art”. I hope to answer the following questions: What is a fractal? why are they so cool? How are fractals related to everyday life? How have fractals been incorporated into popular culture?

I will also be showing many amazing and cool pictures! Since the dawn of the computer, fractal art has been steadily growing in popularity; I will demo a few programs for generating fractal art, and show you what you need to get started.

2 Replies to “How Long is The Coast of Britain?”

  1. The phrase dawn of the computer makes one wonder when it will be dusk of the computer … Assuming dawn is, say, at 6:00 am, then are we at 6:01 am, or is it getting close to noon?

    1. That’s an interesting question. I would say that we are nearing the dusk of the computer as we know it. Since transistors cannot shrink forever, we will have to develop other ways of computing. I’d say we are at 4:57PM (suppose dusk is at 6PM).

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