Required textbook:

Authors: Mathews and Howell
Title: Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering
Edition: Fifth (5th) Edition
Publication date: 2006
Publisher: Jones and Bartlett
ISBN: 13-digit: 9780763737481, 10-digit: 0-7637-3748-8
Prices at Textbook Annex: used $103.95, new $137.95

Copies of the text are also available, e.g., from, at a variety of prices. If you’re going to buy from such an on-line source:

  • be sure you are getting the current, fifth (5th) edition; and
  • keep in mind that reading assignments will begin the very first day of class, and homework assignments of problems from the text may be due as early as the second week of classes.

See the Textbook Resources page for links to an errata list and the textbook authors’ Mathematica materials.

Required software

  1. Mathematica, Wolfram Research Inc.
    Mathematica is available for your use at all public OIT labs, for both Macs and Windows PCs.
    If you want a copy for your own personal computer, you may buy and download Mathematica for Students directly from the publisher. You have several options:

    • 6-month (“semester”) license: $44.95
    • 1-year license: $69.95
    • regular student license: $139.95

    Mathematica for Students is the full product and is not crippled in any way, despite the low prices. (By contrast, a retail “home” edition costs $295, and a normal “professional” version costs more than $1,000.)

    Like all versions, Mathematica for Students requires that you obtain a license number and password from Wolfram Research that will be tied to the hardware of a single computer. This means that you cannot share your copy for use on another computer.

  2. David Park’s Presentations add-on for Mathematica. This is free! I will provide you with a copy strictly for your own, personal use, courtesy of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and by special arrangement with the author, David Park.

    You will be able to install Presentations on your own computer and use it with your licensed copy of Mathematica for Students).Presentations, along with Mathematica, will already be installed at the Math/Stat Resource Center (where we shall hold some hands-on sessions).

    Presentations will not be installed already on OIT public lab computers. However, you will be able to use your copy from a USB flash drive with Mathematica, which is already installed at OIT public labs.