Mathematica and Presentations

See the Textbook page for detailed information about the Mathematica software and the Presentations add-on package for Mathematica that you will be required to use.

Instructor-provided Mathematica files

On the Files page I will provide Mathematica notebook files for you to download and use with Mathematica.

WeBWorK on-line homework system

For some homework assignments you will use the free WeBWorK on-line homework system.

The URL for WeBWorK for our class is:

Or click the link for Math 421 on the generic UMass URL for WeBWorK:

WeBWorK login:
  • Username: part of e-mail address before @
  • Password: initially, your UMass student ID number
    (change it as soon as you log on!)

For example, if your official UMass e-mail address is, then your Username would be xyersel.

For additional help in using WeBWorK, see: