Welcome to Math 421!

This web site is intended for students in Prof. Murray Eisenberg’s Fall 2010 Math 421, Complex Variables.

Math 421 meets MWF 10:10–11:00 p.m. in LGRT 219

Exception: on Friday September 10 and Monday 13 September the class meets  in the Math & Stat Resource Center, LGRT 110.

  • Bring a USB “thumb drive” (flash drive) those days, if at all possible, or be prepared to upload to your UMass OIT UDrive (or other drop-box).

Information about the required textbook appears on the Textbook page. Complete information about the course—software to be used, exams, homework, and other requirements; syllabus; etc.—appears on the About page.

Finding this web site

If you forget the URL…

  • go to
  • click the Courses link and select Course Webpages from the fly-out menu
  • click the Math 421 link on the Course Webpages page.

Want to add Math 421?

You should try to do so in the normal way—through Spire. Due to constraints on grading time and limited seating in labs where our class will meet at some times, I cannot exceed the capacity.

Murray Eisenberg
LGRT 1335G

If you add math 421 during the Add/Drop period…

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This is essential so that I can manually add you to the class roster for the WeBWorK on-line homework system. (That does not happen automatically just because Spire indicates you have added.