The Muscle Biology Laboratory has a storied history! Check out some of our landmark news here.

To jump to our article on a new study, hosted by Dr. Jane Kent’s Muscle Physiology Lab, whom we collaborate, with, click HERE. Or, click HERE to view the original page on the UMass news and media relations page.

Our own post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Chad Straight, received the prestigious Charles A. King award. Jump to it HERE, or HERE on the original publication.

One of our undergraduates, Olivia Ringham, was identified as a Rising Researcher for her published work on lipid droplets. Jump to it HERE, or view the original publication HERE. We encourage you to follow the Learn More link at the bottom to read about her accomplishments in detail, or click HERE.

Check out one of our first recruitment calls for our CHAMP study.  Jump to it HERE, or see the original publication HERE.

To see where it all began, in the announcement of our $2.4 million grant from the National Institute of Health for the CHAMP study, jump HERE, or view the original publication HERE.