Remembering UT student media with UT Watch


This is an addition to my electronic resources list that deserves its special mention. I might be biased because I studied at UT, but UT Watch is a great resource in many ways. Its archive of “student publications, theses, dissertations, and research guides” is full of interesting resources and memories of a history of student public engagement at many levels. Engagement in the sense of activism, of establishing connections, of thinking, speaking acting and responding. The writing is serious and engaged.

The archive has a rather complete PDF collection of many student documents and publications, including Polemicist (1989-1992), The Other Texan (1992-1993), Tejas (1989-1996), (sub)TEX (1994-1995), The Working Stiff Journal (1998-2000), Issue (2003-5) and The Rag (1966-1977).

Looking at the timeline I remember many of the activities that surrounded my university years. As I glance back and read so many familiar names, I remember particular issues that had skipped my memory and notice others that are missing, or not adequately covered, according to my memory. It is interesting to reflect about the continuity of some of the issues covered. What remains? What has changed? How have issues been rearticulated? I wonder what to think about the coverage of Central America then and now. How are both moments linked? The journals can also help trace a transition or early commingling between print journalism and the internet.

Much is very local and specific to the University. I think those familiar will enjoy reliving the Polemicist’s passionate Chastisements, where often local and global concerns met. The documents on student activism within a corporate university are as relevant today as they were when they were written.

Again, perhaps I’m biased, but I feel that this archive has enough material for several dissertations.


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  1. Ralph Tomlinson

    Thanks, Luis, for sharing this wonderful site. I’m looking forward to reliving some of my history and seeing where things went in the past few years. We hereby chastise…

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