06/03/21 – Welcome to our summer students Arielle and Vasudha

06/01/21 – We’re saying goodbye to 3 Muller lab undergrad researchers!

It’s a bittersweet end of the semester for us: we are sad to see 3 of our amazing undergrads leave the lab but we are so excited for their bright futures and proud of their successes!

03/03/21 – Carlos is going to Grad School!

NIH postbac PREP student in the lab Carlos Reyes-Sepulveda has been virtually interviewing to lots of great graduate programs and he has decided to join the Immunology, Microbiology and Virology program at the University of Rochester! We wish him good luck and can’t wait to see his future successes!

02/25/21 – Mandy is awarded the J.F Holden distinguished teaching and mentoring award.

08/21/20 – Congrats Jake!

Jacob Miles successfully passed his Masters Defense, he is continuing on as a Research scientist in the lab!

07/28/20 – NIH award

We are honored to receive a Maximizing Investigators Research Award (MIRA R35) from the NIGMS that will support our research for 5 years. Read more about it on the UMass News website here.

04/13/20 – Travel Award

Will AND Dan receive ASV travel awards! Congrats and Thanks ASV!

03/25/20 – the Muller Report on WRSI

Mandy is on 93.9 The River every Wednesday at 8:00AM to separate fact from fiction and wishful thinking when it comes to viruses. Listen to it again here, here, here or here.

03/13/20 – COVID-19

We moved our operation to 100% remote science! You can still reach us by email and/or on twitter. We will be back, but in the meantime – we are staying connected! Stay informed, and follow guidance from our health care professionals.

02/24/20 – Eclipse Bio RNA grant awards

Dan wins the first place in the Eclipse Bio RNA grant competition! more here

01/25/20 – PVMS2020

9/5/19 – What a great summer!

The Muller lab was busy this summer – so what’s new? – we attended 4 conferences where we learned a lot and made new friends; – we welcomed Alexis Heredia as a visiting summer student from la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon (Mexico); – we are excited to welcome Brittany Anderson as a Microbiology rotation student; And also: countless gels and hours at the microscope, some exciting science, some frustrating science, probably too many ice creams but not enough coffee — We’re ready for the Fall semester!

5/1/19 – Last day in the lab for Quentin!

Quentin was the first undergraduate researcher to join the lab, we will miss him greatly but we’re all very proud of his journey: he is heading off to the The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Post-bac Internship Program! Congratulations!

04/26/19 – Mass URC. 

Danielle presents her work at the Undergraduate Research Conference a one-day symposium for undergraduate students from the 28 public colleges and universities across the Commonwealth.

04/22/19 – Pipettes and Paintbrushes.

This semester, Jacob participated in the Pipettes and Paintbrushes initiative from the “That’s Life [Science]” collective. In collaboration with Dr. Skye Long, they created this artistic rendering of Jacob’s project. Their work is currently displayed in the ISB atrium.

04/05/19 – Angelina and Danielle are accepted into very prestigious summer internship programs – congratulations!

-Angelina is going to the Yale Biomed Amgen Scholar program -Danielle is going to the SENS Research Foundation summer scholar program

 04/03/19 – Will’s paper is now available at JVI here

12/26/18 – Will’s new paper is out! Read all about C19ORF66 here:

01/22/19 – The Muller lab is at PVMS2019

 12/12/18 – Happy Holidays from the Muller lab

12/07/18 – Danielle is awarded a Research Assistant Fellowship through the Honors College – congratulations!

06/08/18 – Plenty of news!

  • Quentin was awarded a prestigious summer research internship at UMass Med – Congrats!
  • We said goodbye to Aman who brilliantly graduated – we’ll miss you!
  • We welcome Renan from Amherst College for his summer research project -welcome to the lab!
  • We moved to our new lab space and we love it!

09/08/17 – Our newest paper is out in PLoS Pathogens!

We describe how a small RNA element can control RNA fate in the background of widespread mRNA degradation by viral endonucleases – learn more here

09/01/2017 – The Muller Lab is open!

You can find us in 206-208 Morill IV North and we’re probably opening boxes!

08/01/2017 – Welcome to the Muller Lab Website!

The Muller Lab website is officially online: you can find more about our research here and about us here