07/28/20 – NIH award

We are honored to receive a Maximizing Investigators Research Award (MIRA R35) from the NIGMS that will support our research for 5 years. Read more about it on the UMass News website here.

04/13/20 – Travel Award

Will AND Dan receive ASV travel awards! Congrats and Thanks ASV!

03/25/20 – the Muller Report on WRSI

Mandy is on 93.9 The River every Wednesday at 8:00AM to separate fact from fiction and wishful thinking when it comes to viruses. Listen to it again here, here, here or here.

03/13/20 – COVID-19

We moved our operation to 100% remote science! You can still reach us by email and/or on twitter. We will be back, but in the meantime – we are staying connected! Stay informed, and follow guidance from our health care professionals.

02/24/20 – Eclipse Bio RNA grant awards

Dan wins the first place in the Eclipse Bio RNA grant competition! more here

01/25/20 – PVMS2020

9/5/19 – What a great summer!

The Muller lab was busy this summer – so what’s new? – we attended 4 conferences where we learned a lot and made new friends; – we welcomed Alexis Heredia as a visiting summer student from la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon (Mexico); – we are excited to welcome Brittany Anderson as a Microbiology rotation student; And also: countless gels and hours at the microscope, some exciting science, some frustrating science, probably too many ice creams but not enough coffee — We’re ready for the Fall semester!

5/1/19 – Last day in the lab for Quentin!

Quentin was the first undergraduate researcher to join the lab, we will miss him greatly but we’re all very proud of his journey: he is heading off to the The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Post-bac Internship Program! Congratulations!

04/26/19 – Mass URC. 

Danielle presents her work at the Undergraduate Research Conference a one-day symposium for undergraduate students from the 28 public colleges and universities across the Commonwealth.

04/22/19 – Pipettes and Paintbrushes.

This semester, Jacob participated in the Pipettes and Paintbrushes initiative from the “That’s Life [Science]” collective. In collaboration with Dr. Skye Long, they created this artistic rendering of Jacob’s project. Their work is currently displayed in the ISB atrium.

04/05/19 – Angelina and Danielle are accepted into very prestigious summer internship programs – congratulations!

-Angelina is going to the Yale Biomed Amgen Scholar program -Danielle is going to the SENS Research Foundation summer scholar program

 04/03/19 – Will’s paper is now available at JVI here

12/26/18 – Will’s new paper is out! Read all about C19ORF66 here:

01/22/19 – The Muller lab is at PVMS2019

 12/12/18 – Happy Holidays from the Muller lab

12/07/18 – Danielle is awarded a Research Assistant Fellowship through the Honors College – congratulations!

06/08/18 – Plenty of news!

  • Quentin was awarded a prestigious summer research internship at UMass Med – Congrats!
  • We said goodbye to Aman who brilliantly graduated – we’ll miss you!
  • We welcome Renan from Amherst College for his summer research project -welcome to the lab!
  • We moved to our new lab space and we love it!

09/08/17 – Our newest paper is out in PLoS Pathogens!

We describe how a small RNA element can control RNA fate in the background of widespread mRNA degradation by viral endonucleases – learn more here

09/01/2017 – The Muller Lab is open!

You can find us in 206-208 Morill IV North and we’re probably opening boxes!

08/01/2017 – Welcome to the Muller Lab Website!

The Muller Lab website is officially online: you can find more about our research here and about us here