International Relations Program

The International Relations Certificate Program offers all undergraduates an opportunity to supplement their major with a course of study allowing them to pursue an interest in international affairs. Courses in the program help students enhance their understanding of the complex international processes—political, economic, social, cultural, and environmental—that are increasingly important for community and individual life in all countries.

Seven courses chosen from six areas of study, plus attaining intermediate-level mastery of a contemporary language, comprise the core of the certificate program. Because it is a Five College program, the certificate is awarded by the Five College International Relations Committee, and its completion noted on the undergraduate transcripts of those who fulfill all the requirements. Students are encouraged to take advantage of Five College interchange while pursuing the certificate, but the committee realizes that the logistics of cross-campus studies can be challenging and does not require students to do so. Students may offer courses taken during education abroad for certificate credit; these must be approved by one of the campus certificate advisers. Information on Education Abroad programs and procedures is available from the International Programs Office in the William S. Clark International Center, tel. (413) 545-2710.

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