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Garcia v. Google en banc oral arguments

Hi copyright geeks,

A few months ago, Judge Kozinski wrote an opinion giving an actor a copyright in her performance. This was in the Garcia v. Google case, in which Cindy Garcia sued for copyright infringement, after being tricked into a performance in the “Innocence of Muslims” film, which led to the Benghazi riots … Judge Kozinski (for a 3-judge panel) agreed Garcia had a copyrightable interest in her performance, and granted the injunction, a decision wihch created a furor in the copyright world. The 9th Circuit agreed to re-hear the case en banc, meaning, with a large panel of 11 jurists. The oral arguments were webcast today and are viewable. They were highly entertaining, I think, even if you are not a copyright nerd.


You can also read the twitter hashtag feed at #garcia9th . (If you’re watching, Judge Kozinski, who wrote the 9th Circuit opinion granting a copyright and an injunction on that portion of the film, is the white-haired guy who speaks with an accent; Judge McKeown is the brown-haired woman asking most of the rest of the questions.

If you haven’t seen an oral argument before, this is a fun one to start with.



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