Author Addenda

“Author Addenda” are documents that can be used to amend contracts between authors and publishers. Numerous universities, governments, funders, author rights associations, and library associations have begun to promote addenda as a way for authors to easily negotiate for rights that they need, such as the right to distribute their works to their students and colleagues, reproduce their works in edited collections of their own writings, or archive their works on their websites or institutional repositories.

Common rights included in addenda:

  • The right of the author to self-archive their work on their website or their institution’s website, or a subject repository
  • The right of the author to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, and publicly display the work for nonprofit purposes
  • The right of the author to distribute their work to students or colleagues
  • The right of the author to include their work in edited volumes of their own work
  • The right of the author to prepare derivative works of their work (for example, translations or adaptations)
  • The right of the author to authorize others to distribute or reproduce the work, so long as the author and publisher receive credit and citations


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