This is the website for the UMass Libraries’ Copyright services, and the Copyright & Information Policy blog.

The Libraries offer consulting and educational workshops about copyright and related matters, as well as reference and learning materials about copyright.

The website is currently (March/April 2015) being redesigned, with content migrated and integrated.

Copyright Resources at UMass

  • The Copyright & Information Policy Librarian/Attorney holds office hours by appointment, and most Wednesdays, 10-12, in the Teaching Commons, on the 26th floor of the Du Bois Library.
  • Workshops: The Scholarly Communication Department librarians offer workshops on a range of topics relating to copyright and author rights. Upcoming workshops include:
    • Dissertations & Theses for Graduate Students, March 12
    • Drop-In Consultations at Faculty Writing Retreats, March 27
    • Scholarly Publishing Brown Bag, Graduate School, April 1
    • Drop-In Consultations at Faculty Writing Retreats, April 17
    • Author Negotiations Workshop, ISSR, April 17
    • Author Negotiations, Nursing Faculty, April 22
  • Copyright Bootcamp: January 13 and 14, 2015, Copyright Bootcamp, for UMass system and Five Colleges librarians and IT staff.  Upcoming Bootcamp to be scheduled.
  • Copyright Reading Group: Monthly Copyright Study Group, on hiatus from January-May 2015, and resuming June 2015.
  • Copyright Reference & Research: We make available a number of fact sheets and tutorials about copyright.  Major copyright treatises and references are available for reference in the Scholarly Communication Dept., 19th floor, Du Bois Library.
  • UMass IP Policies & Resources

Copyright Applied in the University [materials migrating]

    • Support for Teaching & Learning
      • Can I screen that video?
      • TEACH Act for Distance Education
      • Faculty & Instructors: What Rights Do You Have Over Syllabi, Lecture Notes, and Other Course Materials?
      • How to Reduce the Costs of Course Materials
      • Assignment: Student Videos
      • YouTube, Copyright, and the Classroom
    • Fair Use: Overview and Checklists
    • Plagiarism or Copyright Infringement?  Avoid Both with Data Management
    • Student Performances : Recording, Distributing, and Publicly Performing
    • Support for Authors

Copyright Reference [materials migrating]

  • Copyright Basics: Theory, philosophy, problems today, plagiarism, patents, trademarks, & trade secrets. Permission culture.
  • Is it copyrightable? Subject matter; Registration; Fixation; Term & Public Domain; Copyrightability of Data, Charts, Graphs, Tables
  • Who owns copyrights?  Authorship; joint authors; works for hire; licensing; Creative Commons; termination of assignments.
  • What do you get with a copyright?  Six exclusive rights, plus more: import rights; DMCA; and even a smattering of moral rights (106A and 1202)
  • What do users get to do with copyrights?  First sale rights; fair use rights; and numerous special rights for educators, librarians, people with disabilities, and others.
    • Educator rights and privileges in copyright
    • Librarian rights and privileges in copyright
    • Persons with disabilities’ rights and privileges in copyright
    • Intellectual freedom in copyright and trademark
  • Cases & Statutes – a Glossary &  Index
  • Learn More: Copyright research, online courses, and helpful websites

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