Student learning objectives

Our undergraduate major has 6 broad learning objectives. These objectives aim to develop knowledge and skills that are applicable not only in linguistics, but in a wide range of intellectual contexts and professions.

Learning Objective 1:  Ability to reason analytically about language

Learning Objective 2: Basic quantitative and computational competence in language research

Learning Objective 3: An understanding of linguistic theories and their relationship to language diversity

Learning Objective 4: An understanding of linguistic discrimination

Learning Objective 5: Ability to communicate about language

Learning Objective 6: Ability to work as an effective member of a team

The table below shows how these objectives are aligned with the courses offered in our department.

Course NumberCourse Title1. Analytic reasoning2. Computational and quantitative3. Linguistic theories and language diversity4. Understanding linguistic discrimination5. Communicating about language6. Effectiveness in teamwork
101People and Their Languagexxxxxx
150Language Through Timexxxx
197Language and Musicxxxxxx
201How Language Works: Introduction to Linguistic Theoryxxx
350Syntax and Dialects of English (JYW)xxxxx
370The Sounds of Englishesxxxxxx
389Introduction to African American Englishxxxxx
394Language and Cognition (IE)xxxxx
401Introduction to Syntaxxxxxx
402Speech Sounds and Structurexxxx
404Field Methods (IE)xxxx
411Introduction to Language Acquisitionxxxxx
412Language Processing and the Brain (IE)xxxx
414Introduction to Phonetics for Linguistsxxxxxx
492Comp. Linguisticsxxx
503Intermediate Syntaxx
505Historical Linguisticsxxxx
509Introduction to Computational Linguisticsxxx
510Introduction to Semanticsxxxx
591Second Language Acquisitionxxxxx
592Speech Processingxxx