Linguistics and Japanese

The successful completion of four courses in Japanese (24 credits): JAPANESE 126, 246, 326 and 327 (or the equivalent). At least 36 credits distributed between Japanese and Linguistics courses, including the following:

Linguistics courses:
LINGUIST 201 How Language Works:  Introduction to Linguistic Theory
LINGUIST 401 Introduction to Syntax
LINGUIST 402 Speech Sounds and Structure

Three of the following:
LINGUIST 404 Field Methods
LINGUIST 411 Introduction to Language Acquisition
LINGUIST 412 Language Processing and the Brain
LINGUIST 414 Introductory Phonetics for Linguists
LINGUIST 503 Intermediate Syntax
LINGUIST 505 Introduction to Historical Linguistics
LINGUIST 510 Introduction to Semantics

Japanese courses:
Three of the following:
JAPANESE 375 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
JAPANESE 556 Introduction to Classical Japanese I
JAPANESE 557 Introduction to Classical Japanese II
JAPANESE 575 Syntactic Structures of Japanese
JAPANESE 580 Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language

Six credits chosen from the following:
JAPANESE 426 Readings in Modern Japanese I
JAPANESE 427 Readings in Modern Japanese II
JAPANESE 430 Scientific and Technical Japanese
JAPANESE 497A Readings in Modern Japanese I
JAPANESE 497B Contemporary Japanese I
JAPANESE 497C Readings in Modern Japanese II
JAPANESE 497D Contemporary Japanese II
JAPANESE 498Y Practicum (1-3 credits)
JAPANESE 532 Media Japanese I
JAPANESE 533 Media Japanese II
JAPANESE 536 Advanced Japanese I
JAPANESE 537 Advanced Japanese II

One of the following:
JAPANESE 135 Japanese Art and Culture
JAPANESE 143 Literature: Classical and Medieval
JAPANESE 144 Literature: Modern
JAPANESE 560 Seminar in Japanese Literature

Some of the Japanese course requirements for this joint major are not currently being offered on a regular basis by University of Massachusetts Amherst faculty, but it is possible to arrange for coursework through the Five Colleges or by special arrangement with individual faculty, or by study abroad. For more information, contact your Undergraduate Adviser.

Junior Year Writing requirement:

The Junior Year Writing (JYW) requirement is met by taking LINGUIST 305 (which is currently offered in the Fall semester) or LINGUIST 350.  The Junior Year Writing requirement does not need to be satisfied in your junior year.

Common requirements for all majors:
A grade of C or better must be earned in any course used to satisfy major requirements.

College of Humanities and Fine Arts requirement:

  • Foreign Language: All students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the intermediate level.

See the Undergraduate Program Guide for more details about College requirements.

University Graduation requirements:

See the Undergraduate Program Guide for more details about University graduation requirements, including General Education requirements.