FALL 2023

101People and Their Language (DU, SB)Rajesh BhattMW 1:25–2:15Morrill Sci Ctr (1) Room N375
201 (1)How Language Works: Introduction to Linguistic Theory (R2)

Kyle JohnsonMW 1:25–2:15ILC S331
201 (4)How Language Works: Introduction to Linguistic Theory (R2)

Mariam AsatryanTuTh 1:00–2:15ILC N255
290STALanguage and Advertising
Maria BiezmaTuTh 2:30–3:45Hasbrouck Lab Add 111
305Writing for Linguists (JYW)
Magda Oiry & Brandon PrickettTuThu 1:00-2:15Hasbrouck Lab Add 228
370The Sounds of Englishes (DU, SB)
Joe PaterOn-line,
In-person discussion M 1:25–2:15
On-line discussion W 1:25-2:15
In person discussion: ILC N255
389Introduction to African American English (IE)
Lisa GreenTuTh 11:30–12:45Hasbrouck Lab 130
390BFrench Linguistics
Magda OiryMW 2:30–3:45Hasbrouck Lab 228
390CExperimentation in Language Acquisition
Tom RoeperTuTh 1:00–2:15ILC N458
401Introduction to Syntax
Faruk AkkuşTuTh 10:00–11:15Hasbrouck Lab 137
402Speech Sounds and Structure
Michael BeckerTuTh 11:30–12:45ILC N211
409Introduction to Computational LinguisticsKristine YuTuTh 4:00–5:15,
Lab W 12:20–1:10
Lecture: Hasbrouck Lab Add 113
Lab: ILC N458
412Language Processing and the Brain (IE)
Shota MommaTuTh 2:30–3:45ILC N255
414Introduction to Phonetics for Linguists
John KingstonMWF 11:15–12:05
Lab Tu 4:00-5:15
Lecture: ILC N211
Lab: ILC N155
510Introduction to Semantics
Ana ArreguiTuTh 10:00–11:15
Lab F 1:25–2:15
Lecture: ILC N400
Lab: ILC N155
601Introduction to Transformational Grammar
Kyle JohnsonMW 10:10–12:05ILC N458
603Generative Phonology
Gaja JaroszTuTh 1:00–2:15ILC N400
610Semantics and Generative Grammar
Seth CableTuTh 10:00–11:15ILC N458
692CCognitive Modeling
Gaja JaroszTuTh 10:00-11:15ILC N417
712Proseminar – Psycholinguistics
Shota Momma/Rajesh BhattMW 2:30–3:45ILC N451
716Topics in Phonetics
John KingstonMW 4:00–5:15ILC N417
720Proseminar on Semantic Theory
Ana ArreguiTuTh 2:30–3:45ILC N451
748Structure of a Non-IndoEuropean Language
Seth CableMWF 10:10–11:00ILC N451