Organizing conferences/workshops


Locations for workshops and conferences at UMass

  1. Large conferences (100 people)

  2. Small workshops (20–30 people)
    • Integrated Sciences Building 145
      • 21 seats around table, 19 additional chairs
      • Requires reservation in advance
      • Preference to CNS events
    • Tobin 521B
      • Seats around big table
      • Talk to Chuck Clifton


  1. Esselon Cafe (Hadley)
    • Good for fresh, local food; accommodating for vegetarian and gluten-free fare
    • Accommodating for requests for food using produce in season (not on catering menu)
    • Contact: Jennifer Hudon, Cafe phone number: 413–585–1515

Useful technology

  1. Real-time, collaborative note-taking: Etherpad

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